25th August 2022

5:00 pm / 6:00 pm



Nebraska Enterprise Fund


BC Clark


Having a group of trusted professionals is important for all of us. As we get into the swing of 2022, it is a good time to review our network and ensure that we are engaging key professionals. At NEF, we suggest that each small business and aspiring entrepreneur develop a B.A.I.L. team that they can work with during their business life. The key members of the team may be augmented with other experts depending on the specific needs of the business.

The ideal team includes a trusted Banker. The Banker is key in so many ways including lending and financing, but also providing business insights, and ancillary products and services. 

A qualified Accountant is the second key member of the team. The Accountant provides key tax planning and helps in understanding the books of the business and managing the business by the numbers to ensure both cash flow and profitability.

A qualified Insurance agent is a key member of the team. The Insurance agent not only provides information and protection of your assets but they can also assist you in making informed decisions about the value of insurance for your assets keeping you informed of changes in the industry.

A qualified legal representative is a Lawyer as a member of the team. A business lawyer is responsible for assisting corporations with legal matters. Their role is to ensure everything done at the company is legal and above board.