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Why Our Work Is So Important

The Case for Microfinance

86% of Nebraska’s businesses are small or micro-businesses.

 Micro-businesses include self-employed, start-up, home-based, or other small businesses with ten or fewer employees. They play a crucial role in powering our local and national economies.

Creating Jobs

  • 31% of private-sector employment (41.3 Million jobs impacted)
  • 26 million direct jobs and the ripple effect of 1.9 Million indirect jobs and 13.4 Million induced jobs.

Generating income and contributing to the tax base

Small businesses in low-income communities generate $1.87 trillion in annual revenue.

Stabilizing the economy

  • 47% of Small Businesses are located in low-income communities
  • Sources of social and cultural capital
  • Purchase and hire locally
  • Build assets and create wealth
  • More than 2.2 Million small businesses in low-income communities seek credit each year.

NEF’s highest priority is to increase equitable capital for the region’s economically underserved businesses in order to spur vibrant local and regional economies that offer economic opportunity for all. Increasing the amount of capital we deploy to support business and job growth are the foundation of NEF’s work.

Small Businesses Supported

Jobs Created

Millions Loaned Successfully

Years Expereince

Loan Support

Your Access to Capital

NEF provides flexible lending products to businesses and programs across Nebraska to support your capital needs and growth plans.

NEF has received an increasing number of inquiries from Iowa entrepreneurs and bankers with requests for loans in this area. With few other non-traditional lending options available for small businesses, NEF will expand services into Iowa in FY2021, focusing on the neighboring community of Council Bluffs and the Western portion of the state.

<  First Steps of Financial Assistance

Categories of Support Available From NEF

Direct Lending

Loans from $1,000 to $150,000 provided directly to businesses based on business capacity, ability to repay and growth plans.

Loan Guarantees

Collateral guarantee to bank for businesses meeting expansion criteria.

GAP Financing

Loans in collaboration with a lead bank. NEF provides the crucial “gap” financing to ensure good deals are great by augmenting the bank’s ability to fund.

Intermediary Lending

NEF provides loans to mission-focused Micro Development Organizations reaching targeted diverse and under served entrepreneurs.

Invoice Financing

Small-dollar financing to small and emerging business based on existing contract, provided in collaboration with the Greater Omaha Chamber’s Reach Initiative.

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Nebraska Enterprise Fund is an Equal Opportunity Provider, Employer, and Lender.

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You may also upload additional documentation if needed to help answer the questions below (the additional document upload input is found at the bottom of the form).  For assistance, call 402.685.5500.


Nebraska Enterprise Fund is an Equal Opportunity Provider, Employer, and Lender.

Please complete as much of the following Credit History Search Authorization form as possible for pre-application consideration. NEF will also need your permission to run a credit history which is a requirement for loan underwriting.  All business co-owners, principals & guarantors must supply a signed credit history permission form. For assistance, call tel

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Training And Mentoring

“What I’ve learned has made me a better business owner and negotiator. I realize education is the key. I recommend NEF’s BATMF (Business Acumen Training, Mentoring, and Finance program) to all entrepreneurs, business owners, and others who want to learn how to be successful.”

LaWayne Nockai

Owner, Wayne’s Mobile Kitchen


Business Acceleration Training – For existing businesses that want to boost their top lines. During this multi-session program, you will learn how to accelerate sales, profit, and community wealth – and hone your mission and vision – through SWOT analysis and exercises in pricing, marketing, sales, customer service, and forecasting.

Essentials of Entrepreneurship – A multi-session exploration of basic business skills (planning, organization, and financial management) for the pre-startup all the way to the new entrepreneur.

QuickBooks and Record-Keeping – Designed to equip owners with tools you need to run your business, offered as a one-day seminar-style program or a more in-depth two-day professional-level training. QuickBooks account set-up is covered in both formats. Two-day training also focuses on producing financial statements and managing receivables and payroll.

Business Planning – A three-session series that builds to the writing of an actual, individualized business plan that you can take with you and implement.

Financial Management – A five-part series, developed in conjunction with a local accounting firm, that will help you better understand your financial records and make well-informed business decisions leading to greater potential profit and success. Session topics include: Pricing, Breakeven Analysis, and Growing out of a Crisis.

** NEW FOR 2021 – Credit as an Asset – Credit is an essential building block for asset building. This multi-session program is designed to help you better understand your credit, credit score, and how to manage your credit as an asset while building awareness of predatory lending practices and how to avoid them.

  • Additional training opportunities will be announced as community needs arise.
  • NEF also offers one-to-one training and mentoring, covering:
    • Cash flow analysis
    • Market Planning
    • Business planning
    • Business resumption
    • Financial analysis
    • General small business management

In addition to the programs we offer, Nebraska Enterprise Fund can connect your business to both local and statewide program partners, businesses, and banks with expertise in micro and small business development.