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Determining Cash Flow

As a small business owner, it’s important to know how much cash is moving in and out of your business. You need to think ahead in order to meet financial obligations and run a profitable business on a long-term basis.

Calculating Start-Up Expenses

Business startup costs can add up quickly. You’ll likely need to invest in equipment, inventory, payroll, software, and office space – just to name a few expenses. Plus, you’ll also have to pay for permits, marketing costs, and any needed legal fees.

Why Is Budgeting So Important?

Budgeting – creating a realistic spending plan for your money – helps ensure you will always have enough capital for business necessities and aids long-term financial planning. Following a budget can also keep you out of – or help get you out of – debt.

Credit Building
This program assists you in working with clients to setup payments with past due and collection accounts. As part of building credit, the loan program is an installment loan designed to help build credit faster. It allows clients to begin building a better credit score while clearing up the past due and collection accounts.

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