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Our 3 core resources that help for financial capital and more.

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De-Confuse Business Terms

Financial Support

Determining Cash Flow

As a small business owner, it’s important to know how much cash is moving in and out of your business. You need to think ahead in order to meet financial obligations and run a profitable business on a long-term basis.

  • This cash flow template from SCORE can be easily modified to fit your business and is useful in testing through “what if” scenarios. This tool will help prepare you for understanding and developing your business plan: 12-Month-Cash-Flows

Calculating Start-Up Expenses

Business startup costs can add up quickly. You’ll likely need to invest in equipment, inventory, payroll, software and office space – just to name a few expenses. Plus, you’ll also have to pay for permits, marketing costs and any needed legal fees.

  • Before you do any estimating, it’s important to understand how start-up costs are categorized. Start here:  Start-Up-Expenses

Why Is Budgeting So Important?

Budgeting – creating a realistic spending plan for your money – helps ensure you will always have enough capital for business necessities and aids long-term financial planning. Following a budget can also keep you out of – or help get you out of – debt.

Media Kit

Nebraska Enterprise Fund welcomes inquiries from local, state and national media.

If you are a member of the media, please send us an email to receive NEF media updates (

Below is a list of quick links found on the NEF site that provides media with necessary background information, current news and facts. If you are looking for additional details, please call NEF offices 402.685.5500 or 402.645.3096.

About NEF

Provides background information, NEF’s leadershiphistoryprogram partners and key supporters.

NEF News

Newsworthy developments about NEF and our clients. Read More …

Businesses Served

Profiles of Nebraska micro-businesses that have received critical business development assistance from NEF program partners. Read More …

The Case for Microenterprise Development

The FIELD division of The Aspen Institute provides research in making the case for doing microenterprise development work and funding microenterprise development work.
Read More …

Annual Reports

The Nebraska Enterprise Fund prepares a yearly report on Program Partners and NEF’s activities. Read More …

Glossary of Terms
  • AEO – Association of Enterprise Opportunity
  • BA – Business Acumen
  • CDFI – Community Development Finance Institution
  • CRA – Community Reinvestment Act
  • LMI – Low to Moderate Income
  • LOC – Letter of Credit
  • MLCDC – Midlands Latino Community Development Corporation
  • NEDED – Nebraska Department of Economic Development
  • OFN – Opportunity Finance Network
  • RCDI – Rural Community Development Initiative
  • REAP – Rural Enterprise Assistance Program
  • RMAP – Rural Microenterprise Assistance Program
  • SBA – Small Business Association
  • SCORE – Service Core of Retired Executives
  • USDA – United States Department of Agriculture
  • TA – Technical Assistance