How One Business Owner Scaled Her Healthy Meal Prep Business with Nebraska Enterprise Fund’s Support

Viva Fit Kitchen, a healthy meal prep company with a Mexican twist, is not just about serving delicious food but also helping others lead a healthy lifestyle. The story of Alejandra Valdez and how she created Viva Fit Kitchen began in 2016, when she discovered she was pre-diabetic. She realized how she ate could change her life for the better. Her goal was and remains- to share this experience with others and help them lead healthier lives.

Authentic and bold Mexican flavors inspire the company’s menu with a healthy twist. All of their meals are made with fresh ingredients,and free from preservatives and additives. Every meal is carefully crafted to ensure it’s not only delicious, but also nutritious. Customers can choose from a variety of full-prepared meal packages, including multiple proteins as well as vegetarian and gluten-free options. Meals can be delivered or picked up, and there are two retail partners where you can also find Viva Fit meals.

“I love hearing success stories from my clients about how my food has helped them lose weight or improve their eating habits, or just made their life easier.” – Alejandra Valdez

Building the Brand

Alejandra says she has known since high school that she wanted to own a business someday. Initially, she built Viva Fit on top of her full-time corporate job, saying she worked “crazy hours.” Then, in 2021, revenue grew and she needed to build her capacity to continue to grow. That’s when she approached the Nebraska Enterprise Fund.

With the provided capital from NEF, she invested in marketing, purchased additional supplies for labeling and improved overall operations. 

Viva Fit Kitchen now offers catering for events and is growing its partnership with nutrition and fitness organizations in the community. 

In addition to providing healthy meals, Viva Fit Kitchen and its partners will offer educational events with topics to learn about women’s health and other elements of nutrition and meal planning. 

Viva Fit Kitchen is a healthy meal prep company that believes in the power of food to change lives. With their delicious and nutritious meals, they are helping people lead healthier, happier lives – one meal at a time.

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