From Hobby to Business: Shannon’s Journey with Heavi Hitters and Nebraska Enterprise Fund

Shannon was 6 years old when she gave her first haircut. It was a buzz cut – on her beloved teddy bear.

When she was 12, she started cutting her brothers’ hair with clippers after learning from older cousins.

By the time she was 15, friends were lining up at her home for haircuts and braids.

It was 2023 when she opened her hair salon, Heavi Hitters.

The owner of Heavy Hitters in Omaha poses for a photo for the Nebraska Enterprise Fund.

Even though her passion for hair spans her entire life, it wasn’t a straight line to get to where she is now.

Before Heavi Hitters, Shannon tried multiple careers. But, there was always a friend or family member requesting a hair appointment here and there.

After years of encouragement from family and friends–and lots of hard work–the dream of owning her salon became a reality.

“Small talk with all of my clients became something big,” Shannon says.

Shannon spent two months working on a business plan with help from a client for what is now Heavi Hitters. The salon also offers barbering and tattoo services.

The owner of Heavy Hitters in Omaha poses for a photo for the Nebraska Enterprise Fund.

Working with Nebraska Enterprise Fund

She tried approaching traditional banks for funding to help purchase and outfit a salon, but the rates and terms were unrealistic for Shannon. When a client referred her to Nebraska Enterprise Fund, things started to fall into place.

From the first phone call with staff at NEF, she felt heard.

“Without Nebraska Enterprise Fund, my business would not be where it is today.”

Tyrone Price and Jamel helped Shannon through the process and paperwork of attaining a small business loan through NEF. 

The funding helped with the building purchase and furnishing of the salon’s interior – chairs, lights, proper ventilation, plumbing and pipes for the shampoo bowls, and more. Shannon also utilized funds from NEF to advertise her business via exterior signage and other marketing materials.

The owner of Heavy Hitters in Omaha poses for a photo for the Nebraska Enterprise Fund.

Her number one tip for anyone looking to start their own business is to start with the business plan first. Once you are organized, the plan helps you know what to do next to achieve your goal.

Heavi Hitters is located at 6570 Maple Street in the Benson neighborhood of Omaha.

Look for more from Shannon coming soon. She and her mom are currently working on funding for a new natural hair product, which she hopes can hit salon shelves in the future.

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