I have been in business for about 6 years now. I’ve always had a vision and a dream of how I wanted to expand my business, but I also knew my dreams were bigger than my pockets. I spent months trying to figure out how I could make my dreams come true. I saved up as much as I could and took the steps to make it happen. I didn’t realize how much of an undertaking it was to remodel and rebuild! I am forever grateful for the Facebook post I have seen from the Chamber advertising NEF. I am even more grateful that I was able to work with Jamel! From our first interaction, he lessened my anxiety. He took a process that could have been intimidating and overwhelming and made it easy to understand. Jamel took a chance on me and now my business is growing and thriving! 

Not only did Jamel hold my hand through the loan process, but he has also become a business mentor. He stops by monthly to check on things and he asks the hard questions. While challenging me to think bigger, he makes sure I am aware of training opportunities that would help me to expand my knowledge as a business owner. I truly feel as though my success is important to Jamel! I hope to continue to make him proud! Without Jamel and Nebraska Enterprise Fund there would be no TRC(The Relationship Corner). Thank you!!