Michelada mixes were quite new to the Omaha area, so we weren’t sure how well we would do. To our surprise we continued to grow month by month, tapping into new markets. The turning point for us was when we were asked to sell our products inside a popular liquor store. We were beyond excited but knew at that moment that this was much bigger than us. We decided that in order to keep up with the demand and begin steps on expansion, we needed funding. Nebraska Enterprise Fund came highly recommended to us through other small business owners and began the process without hesitation.

Toximiche Michelada Mix is a family-owned business that provides a new approach to traditional micheladas. We offer a variety of fresh flavored micheladas, rimming dips and even chamoy covered gummies to enhance your drinking experience.

Our goal as a business is to begin mass distribution across the Midwest. We envision our michelada mix in local stores, gas stations, and liquor stores just as you would find your typical Bloody Mary mix. In addition, we will continue building our online presence to drive online sales throughout the United States.

We decided to go with Nebraska Enterprise Fund because they came to us highly recommended. We understood that we wouldn’t qualify through other financial institutions and knew we wouldn’t have gotten the small business support we receive now.

Nebraska Enterprise Fund services and loans have improved our business by being able to invest into a brand that we have always dreamed of building. We’ve been able to continuously grow our presence online and in-person, without the doubt of being able to fulfill orders.

We have learned what it means to be a small business and despite the challenges you face, there is support from organizations such as Nebraska Enterprise Fund. They’ve taught us what a business plan looks like, how to use QuickBooks, and the basis of running your small business.

If you’re thinking about starting a business, just do it. There are plenty of resources and support through organizations like Nebraska Enterprise Fund. They provide the toolkit necessary to get you through each milestone time after time.